Sunday, May 15, 2016

Of Butter Paper in Dal and More

Keep some online dining sites handy. The ones I order in from Gurgaon are very reasonable if you do a smart ordering.
For eg, an order of kebabs or say a vegetarian main can be supplemented by a peas and onion rice made at home.All we need to do is fry green peas, and caramelise onions. Mix them in with cooked rice.
A regular dal is a good accompaniment. We can cook it for two days and freeze it. But temper it fresh just before serving.
Don't discard the butter paper once the butter is used up. Soak it in the simmering dal for a few minutes with a ladle and then remove. The dal tastes delicious.
Yoghurt, fresh melon and honey serves in a glass makes for a great dessert. looks good too.
Some tips I have learnt over the years as a working mum.

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